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Towels Rental service

Why don't you use the "Super ZERO"magic twist yarn towel which produced by latest Japanese technology?

"Super ZERO" magic twist yarn is 

◎ Gifu's nature and cool water

◎ Japanese advanced technology 

◎ Designer and  Manufacturer passion


That's it Air Kaol "Super ZERO"Created Successfully.








Due to "Air Kaol" and "The Last Towel" are using the "Super ZERO" Magic twist yarn, Cause created a lot of the Japanese fans.


「Super ZERO」

Creating air between fibers-the first twisted yarn in the world developed by Asanonenshi
The "Super ZERO"is a thread made by a special twisting process by using the soluble yarn.
Double-twist the cotton spun yarn and water-soluble yarn in the reverse direction,the
water soluble yarn dissolve in the water, generate a large amount of air gaps by recoil
and cause the cotton spun yarn returns to the original twist direction and inflate.

Because it contains plenty of air between the fibers


# High water absobency

# Shrot drying time

# Less falling fluff


such as these features.

The reasons why many fans love "Air Kaol"

・Save time...wipe your body quickly.

・Save space...it is suitable for your body in a half bath towel size.

・Save cost...it is high quality, but with affordable pricing 


There is a brand new service about " Premium Towel Rental for  Air Kaol" for the guests who stay in Hotel Kinki.


The flow of rental towel

As the guests who stay at Hotel Kinki, you are available to rent a piece of towel for each per person.

The method of using rental service

Are you sure? That's is without additional charges? Can I Know what is " Air-Kaoru"?

Wow !!! It looks good ! Can I experience the "Air-Kaoru " ? Where can I get ? And How to return the " Air-Kaoru " ?

Please Rental the Premium Towel at Hotel Lobby Towel Cart or Towel shop.


Please Leave the rental towels at your hotel room before you Check-out.


Please get the clean towel at lobby towel cart or towel shop.Please leave the used towels at your hotel room.hotel's staff will collect the used towel during room cleaning.