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There is a unique bathing culture in Japan.

Japan's bath culture originates from Japan's natural geographical location, underground minerals and natural hot springs. Through these three aspects, the efficacy of the health care of the Japanese people and the relief of physical and mental fatigue have been achieved. The ancestors of the Japanese people passed on the traditional bathing culture to the present generation, and today's younger generations turn it into an important custom of their daily lives.

Japanese bath towel manufacturers are constantly developing high-quality bath towels to meet their national demand. Japanese people are looking for bath towels that are lightweight, super absorbent, fast drying and soft to the skin. So, we hope to keep this opportunity to promote our Premium Towel with high absorbency, 100% develop & made in Japan Natural Organic cotton towel "Air-Kaol" out from Japan to the worldwide market.

KINKI.my BATH CULTURE beside promote our premium towel to our overseas customer, we also would like to share our Japanese bath custom to our Hotel Guest and through our Premium Towel Free Of Charge rental service for our Hotel Guest to experience our Japanese bath custom too. Let our Hotel Guest enjoy hot bath in their hotel room, then after dry their body with our premium bath towels 'Air Kaol' and put on the Yukata which we have prepared for them inside the hotel room. We hope that our Hotel Guest can relieve their physical and mental fatigue during the period which they stay in our hotel rooms, and achieve our highest service and unforgettable memories to our Hotel Guest.

The towel shop of Hotel Kinki - "Kinki.my BATH CULTURE", are selling the "Super ZERO" Premium Towel, the brand of "Air Kaol", Please feel free to visit at our Towel Shop.

We rent the "Super Zero" Premium Towel for Free to our Hotel Guest.

You may also enjoy shopping at our Towel Shop too.


Air Kaol has hit explosively since it was introduced in numerous TV programs in Japan.



"Super ZERO" Towel is

1. Reliable Organic Material

2. Feeling of Soft & Fluffy

3. High / Super water absorbency

4. The excellent of the Fast Drying Property​


It's Very light! 

Realised the size of easy for use!

Our Towel

Body-friendly! Skin-friendly! Super Water-absorbency! Japan's proud brand towel of 'Air Kaol'

The Features of Air-Kaol
The Air-Kaol is the Super absorbency Magic Towel
The Towel which Produces from the World First Magic Yarn. 
The manufacturer spends for 5 years time to do Research & Development on the “Super ZERO “ Magic Yarns and rescue the drowning evening yarn industry to a new life.
The Air-Kaol are produced by the Magic yarns. The manufacturer put a lot of effort to built up the high quality and finally completed the Premium Towel of “Air-Kaol”. Base on the high quality of Air-Kaol is so attractive to many Air-Kaol’s fans in Japan.
The cotton fiber is design one by one between the air circulation, there are only using the half volume of cotton, this is also a free environment design of Air-Kaol.
In high volume but with lightweight.
Air-Kaol weight is less 50% than the normal brand towel. The lightweight is easy for us to handle and use.
Super absorbency is the specialty of Air-Kaol. 
The absorbency is higher than the normal brand towel about nearly 60%. It can absorb the water just in a second with one time wiping.   
After washing and drying machine process you may still continue to feel the Soft and Fluffy for Air-Kaol.
The Magic yarn drop is less than 4 times compared to the other brand towel. Due to the towel cotton drop very less, after washing you may still feel soft and fluffy for Air-Kaol.
Air-Kaol available drying at indoor condition too.
Due to the design of air circulation are between the yarn to yarn, the Air-Kaol itself are in good air circulation, drying at indoor are also available.
The towel cotton fiber drop is very less compared to the normal brand towel. 
Air-Kaol are produced by using Organic Cotton. That is friendly for Sensitive skin."

The Home Town Of Air Kaol

The Air-Kaol hometown is located at Gifu prefecture. This is the place with full of Traditional culture.
'Shirakawa-go' 'Gero Onsen' 'Gujohachiman' are the famous location for tourist.

"Seki no katana" "Mino Yaki" are the others Traditional Art Culture are also located at this famous High Technical development hometown "GIFU prefecture".

After World War II, Gifu prefecture is the most prosperous and famous Textile Industry in Japan. Compare to before World War II, such as "Ichinomiya" "Bisai" "Hashima" these are also the several most famous craftsmen with high technology gather at the Gifu prefecture as the products of origin. The transportation convenience is district, These are the good opportunity for the government to develop the Gifu prefecture.

Please try to experience our High Technology branded "Air-Kaol"